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The following article is from a series written by Dr. Regan Golob for the DynamiteŽ Specialty Products monthly newsletter. Since the target readers were consumers and distributors of the DynamiteŽ nutritional product line, references were made to these products without supportive explanations. If you would like to learn about the excellent DynamiteŽ nutritional products for humans, animals, plants and soils, click <here>

How To (Really) Read A Blood Chemistry

Part 2: Bilirubin, SGPT, SGOT

by Dr. Regan Golob, DC


Total Bilirubin:  (0.4 to 0.6)

Bilirubin reflects the function of the lymph and spleen system.

High total bilirubin:

Indicates thymus demand for the globulin fraction of protein to deal with toxins. This has decreased the hemopoeitic activity of the spleen, put it into a passive phase, and elevated the passive destruction of red blood cells.

Indicators: Confirmed by low white blood cells and high total iron. Confirmed by low white blood cells and high total iron.

Test for use:  DynamiteŽ S.O.D.™, DynamiteŽ Hair, Skin and Nails, steam therapy (saunas) and water fasts under the direction of a physician knowledgeable in this discipline.

Low total bilirubin:

Indicates infection being fought as the spleen enters the active phase.

Indicators: Low total iron, increased white blood cells. total iron, increased white blood cells.

Test for use: DynamiteŽ Iron +2™, B-12, folic acid, spleen tissue (glandulars)


SGPT: (18 - 22)

This is the primary Krebs cycle expressant, occurring as the end result of the release of catabolic fats. The SGPT enzyme exists in the serum as a consequence of substances being released by the fatty membranes of the liver sinusoids and the lymphatic ducts. The liver sinusoids store foods, and the lymphatic ducts store toxins.

High SGPT.

Indicates that the primary surfactant substance (vitamin A) is not sufficient to hold the nutrient and toxic substances. This means there are free-floating sugars, proteins and toxins.

Test for use: DynamiteŽ Herbal Green (to increase alkalinity), Vitamins A and D (surfactants), DynamiteŽ Izmine (to assist the body in overcoming a histamine reaction).

If this is accompanied by high T4, Test for use: DynamiteŽ Dyna-Lite also.


1) Possibly an excess of membrane-stored nutrients and toxins is not allowing water exchange.

Test for use:  Increased B vitamins.

2) A second possibility is fatty congestion of the liver and lymphatics, indicated by low T4.

Test for use: DynamiteŽ Solace™, DynamiteŽ Hair, Skin and Nails™, DynamiteŽ S.O.D., Vitamin A.


SGOT: (18 - 22)

Indicates the presence of oxalic acid, a by-product of the conversion of the basic cholesterol molecule into estrogen, progesterone and testosterone. The epithelial cells in the gonads are specific for the conversion, at the level of the mitochondria, of cholesterol into sex hormone.

High SGOT.

Indicates excessive oxidation at the level of the membrane and a consequent deficiency of hormones.

Test for use: Vitamin E and DynamiteŽ Dyna-Lite™.


Indicates the glandular function has been impaired by a lack of the conversive epithelium necessary.

Test for use: DynamiteŽ Zinc Plus for Men (males), DynamiteŽ Manganese Plus (females), DynamiteŽ S.O.D., DynamiteŽ Vitality

The Bilirubin, SGPT and SGOT are associated with the liver, so the 7 Day Carrot Salad will always be indicated for either high or low readings. Increasing alkaline foods will also assist in reaching homeostasis.


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